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A Class of Information is a way of collecting together similar types of information. The Computer Services Department has grouped its Classes of Information into broad categories (or functions) which reflect the Computer Services Department's outputs. If you are intending to make a request, the following grouping of information should give you an indication of where the information may be found.

Function Activity

Administration & Finance

Applies to internal support functions within the department, relating to finance, personnel and business administration.

Financial administration documents

Memos, letters, email and other forms of communications

Human Resource Administration documents

Business operations and plans

Service Level Agreements documents

IT Service Delivery

Applies to the provision of services and support to customers and stakeholders. These are focussed on the SLA/output-driven activities of the Department.

1. Applications Services

Here Computer Services staff members perform the services of IT Consulting, Strategic planning, Project Management, Business Process review and redesign, software development and E-Government.

Source Code, Business Plans, Design Documents, Project Charters, Test Scripts, Time Sheets

2. Procurement & Distribution Services

Distribution Services staff operates a commercial class paper and other consumable supplies procurement and distribution services as well as the sorting and distribution of mail, and faxes. Additionally Distribution Services offers top quality high volume photocopying, printing and binding services.

Finanical Documents, Records of inventory/supplies, Timesheets

3. Operations & DBA Services

Computer Services Operations staff provide Network Management, Network Design, System Management, IT security and Technical Consulting Services. The team provides email, internet services along with centralized backup and restore services for much of Government.

Project Charters, Work Orders, Problem Logs, Timesheets, Configuration Documents, Standards and Procedure documents

4. Technical Services

Computer Services Technical services staff are responsible PC and printer support, and Helpdesk services. The team is also responsible for the installation of new equipment the internal networking of new projects and the installation of end user software applications.

Project Charters, Work Orders, Problem Logs, Timesheets, Configuration Documents, Standards and Procedure documents

Last Updated: 2008-11-29

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