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Clifton Hunter High School Year 9 students, James Terry and Ethan Watler

Published 20th June 2014, 9:7am

The Computer Services Department recently welcomed two Clifton Hunter High School Year 9 students, James Terry and Ethan Watler, as part of the school’s 'Take Your Child To Work’ Project.

This programme is a part of the school's commitment to furthering students' career goals. It aims to give them an opportunity to experience the world of work. This exposure will hopefully assist each student in making meaningful links between their efforts at school and their ability to pursue career choices.

James and Ethan are the siblings of two Computer Services Department staff members, Sandra Terry and Stephanie Watler respectively.

As part of the exercise, they had an opportunity to participate in the activities of a regular workday in the lives of their sisters, who are attached to the Applications Development & Support Unit. This unit of the Computer Services Department is responsible for the analysis, design, building, maintenance, and procurement of all applications utilized in Government's central network. Both youngsters received opportunities to gain hands-on programming experience, which they say they enjoyed.

During the day, each student had to document their experiences in a journal and keep a log of the tasks completed.

When asked what they thought about the department and their time here, James, age 14 stated that even though his goal is to be an accountant, after spending a day in Computer Services, he is now interested enough in information and communications technology (ICT) to return for the summer.

The Department hopes that both James and Ethan will benefit from their experiences when they begin to consider future career choices.