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Computer Services Support Administrator Jeremy O'Sullivan receives the April Employee of the Month award from Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, along with Chief Officer Eric Bush and Head of Computer Services Gilbert McLaughlin.

"I am aware that your work ethic is outstanding..."

Hon. Franz Manderson, Cert. Hon., JP, Deputy Governor.

Published 2nd July 2014, 3:8pm


How long does it really take for an excellent worker's true worth to be recognised? If you are Computer Services Department's Support Administrator Jeremy O'Sullivan, a mere four months!

Since joining the department on 6 January 2014, Mr. O'Sullivan has already made his mark at the Computer Services Department. So impressed are his superiors with his calibre that he was nominated on 29 April 2014, subsequently chosen for top spot by his Chief Officer, and has now been named the Deputy Governor's choice for best civil service employee in the month of April.

Whether it is displaying IT skills or sharing responsibilities as a team member, Mr. O'Sullivan has proven that he is an asset to the department internally and the whole of government. He is equally skilled and knowledgeable whether he is dealing with hardware problems or called upon to provide software solutions.

Already admired for being a "very quick learner", Mr. O'Sullivan is also undergoing an advanced IT training programme since his superiors plan to move him to the department's Operations Team in the near future.

In addition to his punctuality, he is always courteous, professional and provides timely service in dealing with all clients, including Cabinet Ministers.

Lauding Mr. O'Sullivan for serving as a "role model" for all civil servants, Deputy Governor Hon. Franz Manderson, Cert. Hon., JP, commented, "I am aware that your work ethic is outstanding and you are highly efficient and productive in actively addressing users' issues with limited supervision."

Also praising Mr. O'Sullivan for his excellent team spirit, Mr. Manderson highlighted Jeremy's willingness to assist co-workers both in completing urgent assignments and in resolving complex IT issues. "Working extra hours in the evenings and over weekends to complete urgent assignments and projects demonstrates your remarkable level of performance and commitment to government," the Deputy Governor added, presenting Mr. O'Sullivan the award.

Earlier, conferring the Chief Officer's choice award for April, Chief Officer Eric Bush emphasised the significance of Mr. O'Sullivan's choice as the sole nominee for the month among the 1,100 employees in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

For his part, Mr. O'Sullivan commented he was entirely humbled and honoured by the awards, which came as a complete, albeit pleasant, surprise after "such a short time" on the job. He gratefully acknowledged all persons involved in the selection process "for even thinking that I was worthy of this." He vowed, "I will use this milestone to strive further and consistently raise the standard of my service in the future."