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Published 22nd March 2006, 6:27pm

Some Government workers were unable to access their email messages today due to a data corruption on the main government email server.

Computer Services IT staff have worked since yesterday to isolate the problem and completed a data restore on the affected email users back to Monday night at 8pm.

Email service was restored by 4:30pm this afternoon (Wednesday, 22 March).

According to the Director of Computer Services, Mr. Gilbert McLaughlin, the problem began Tuesday afternoon and it disabled email for about 40% of government users.

The public is advised to check about emails sent between 8pm Monday and 4:30pm Wednesday to the Government's Portfolios (Internal and External, Legal, Finance and Economics, and Civil Service) plus all the Portfolios' Departments, Sections, and Unit users.

Also these Government users should check to ensure they have confirmation of emails they have sent.