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Knowing that everyone at Computer Services was so dedicated made all of our jobs easier

Christine Maltman, Acting Permanent Secretary

Published 27th May 2005, 12:0pm

Civil servants are well aware that the Computer Services Department plays a vital role in ensuring that each day runs smoothly. Whether it's duplicating 500 copies of a rush report or maintaining the email system, the men and women of Computer Services always serve Government to the best of their abilities.

Early in May the department's Director, Gilbert McLaughlin, hosted an appreciation luncheon to pay tribute to those hard working employees. The 63 staff members gathered at the scenic Grand Old House to watch 26 of their colleagues receive awards for dedication to duty in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan.

Mr. McLaughlin thanked all who had stayed and worked, despite personal difficulties. "You've helped us to provide first class service to our customers and we thank you for your hard work and effort," he said.

Acting Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Planning, Communications, District Administration and Information Technology, Christine Maltman, added her thanks and said, "Knowing that everyone at Computer Services was so dedicated made all of our jobs easier. Computer Services was instrumental in ensuring that vital systems such as Payroll, Immigration and Government's website were up and running. On behalf of the ministry and the people of the Cayman Islands, we are glad to share in this celebration this afternoon."

Employees honoured for their dedication after Ivan included: Muhammad Ahmed, Shaun Brown, George Bodden, Melanie Carter, Patrick Cimolini, Craig Coe, Drew Conolly, Roxnel Di Vanni, Mark Ebanks, David Elms, Stephen Evans, Yahya Falsafi, Richard Frewin, Wesley Howell, John Hydes, Greg James, Lolette Miller, Graham Monk, Stephen Sellars, Christian Simmonds, Clemence Spence, Morgan Stewart, Carlene Watler-Scott, Andrew Wells, Michael Whithworth, Darvy Whittaker, Rex Whittaker and Celia Yates.